Moving Developers from Good to Great

Charles Weir is passionate about making software development more productive, more reliable and more fun.

Working as a consultant, mentor and technical lead, he has helped more than a hundred project teams do just that; his engaging approach and positive drive deliver team agreement, technical change, and improved processes.

Recently he has built up expertise studying the vitally important issue of how programmers can best tackle software security, without getting overwhelmed. In a world where most experts treat programmers – and even end users – as part of the problem, Charles’ work with security experts has highlighted a unique approach to make software security inexpensive, easy, and even fun.

He’s keen to work with others who have the same aims. If you do, please contact him at the address on the left. Or take a look at the blog entries and his Twitter comments below, or meet him at the events listed here on this site.

Five Dimensions of App Security

What does 'App Security' really mean? What does it mean to keep an app secure, so that our users can do what they want, but we can stop malicious people from causing them and us harm?

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The latest Tweets from Charles Weir (@CharlesWeir). Expert in Security for Software Developers. I'm excited about helping programmers, software architecture - and mountain bikes. Phone: +44 7876 027350. Penrith, England